Monday, 26 October 2015

Alexander Mcqueen Knuckle Box Collection.

Alexander Mcqueen is well known as a brand for a few choice pieces in every season done with a twist.  The Knuckle Box clutches are on of these.  However, whereas we are used to being teased with one release at a time, the brand has chosen to give us the entire selection from now till Spring/Sumer 2016.

First up above we have the Brooch embroidered knuckle box clutch.  This keeps it simple with the signature Mcqueen skull, rings, swarovski crystals, flowers and gold plating.  Set for Spring/Summer 2016, it will cost £3,000.

Next one of two Valentines 2016 releases, the red embroidered disheveled lace box clutch.  In red lace and patent glossy red paint on the metal frame, and a bold clutch of red roses on the knuckles, this will cost £2,500.

A bold Spring 2016 release comes in the form of the embroidered flower knuckle box clutch pictured above.  delicate satin embroidered with details of poppies, roses and petunias, and atop the knuckle a bold butterfly and flower design.  The chain also features floral elements.  This will cost £3,000.

Finally the Red patent knuckle box clutch for valentines 2016.  This features the exact same rose detail on the knuckles, and a simple patent leather body.  This will cost £2,800.

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