Friday, 9 October 2015

Facebook Expands The Emotional Range Of Reactions For Users.

At first instance Facebook adding emoticons might not seem the sort of luxury news we usually cover.  But then again, Facebook is a platform with a  billion online accounts, and at least half of those are regular in use accounts.  Therefore the chances are, if you read this blog, and love luxury, this is relevant news for you.

And what news it is!  For many years social commentators have been comparing Facebook to the fictional Ministry of truths attempts to reduce human interaction down to its most minimal level in 1984.  With only "like" as an expression, users have bee limited in their emotional range.

As of now, Spanish and Irish Facebook have six extra emoticons.  They can express themselves with love, haha, yay, wow, sad and Angry.  Following this trial, it will be rolled out worldwide.  Great news for the half a billion active users of Facebook who will now be able to say more than simply that they "like" something.

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