Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Gold Leaf Coated Kit Kat From Nestle Japan.

Nestle Japan are releasing a special edition version of the Kit Kat for the Japanese market only.  Japan's sweet market is quite used to seeing novelty, unusual, and high end products.  However, even for this luxury soaked candy market this is an unusual product.

Limited to 500 numbered editions, and sold only in higher end stores, the Kit Kat "sublime gold" will be a single finger, gold leaf covered sweet, described as having a rich, bitter chocolate taste.

And this does not come cheap.  Considering a conventional four finger Kit Kat is 55p, which works out to about 14.5p per finger, this single gold leaf covered finger is a whopping £10.  Which makes it about 70 times more expensive than the standard Kit Kat.

But what price luxury eh?  Available now in Japan until the end of 2015.

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