Thursday, 12 November 2015

Puma Autodisk Auto Lacing Sneakers.

One of the most interesting developments in the last few years is the ongoing development of auto lacing sneakers.  First seen in Back to the Future in the 1980's, they have been something that amateur sneaker loving engineers have been attempting to develop ever since.  Then in 2011, it was announced that Nike would themselves be creating non auto lacing sneakers dubbing them the "Nike Mag's" after the pair in the original film.

Following this, in 2014 it was announced the auto lace would be added, and that we might expect to see these in 2015, and indeed, Micheal J Fox, star of Back to the Future, has already taken delivery of a pair of these.  However, the world will not be expecting to see these on general release for some 12 months, so late possibly 2016.

To the surprise of many, Puma appear to have been quietly developing their own auto lacing sneaker, one which they have now announced to go on general release in early 2016.  The Autodisk sneaker will come boxed in special edition packaging, and will be supplied with a micro usb charger to charge the motor of the shoes. The mechanism itself will be a push button closure on the front which controls a servo motor that allows small micro adjustments of the tightness of the shoes.

The most significant thing about this announcement is, Nike of course were the original firm to have the idea of an auto lacing shoe exist, Nike indicated they would develop the priduct, with a non auto lacing special edition in 2013, and the real deal in 2016, and now, Puma will be the first to market with an auto lacing sneaker.  Interesting stuff.  No pricing available yet, expect them to be several hundreds however.

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