Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Visvims Atelier Umbrella.

Being featured in the Wall Street Journal's "Why Does It Cost So Much" pretty much means a product is stand out expensive.  If one of the worlds largest publications snapped up and read by billionaires on a daily basis thinks it costs alot, then it's a safe bet it really is.

And in this case, they are not wrong.  How much do you think is a lot to pay for an umbrella?  £100?  £1,000?  How about £4,500?  if you thought anything above the first or second figure, this will seem more than excessive.

Coming in at £4,500 Hiroki Nakamura's latest creation is the Atelier Umbrella, the result of six months craftsmanship in Paris using beechwood, fish oil tanned goat leather, brass tipped rattan, skein-dyed cotton, and shockingly, a complete absence of precious metals or gemstones.

If this appears the umbrella for you, then it is available now.

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