Thursday, 3 December 2015

Casetify And Colette Paris Collaborate For Looney Tunes iPhone Cases.

Casetify are lovers of collaborations.  Having just a few months ago collaborated with Billionaire Boys Club to produce a series of cases, they now have thrown their hats in with colette Paris to produce a series of exclusive Looney Tunes iPhone 6 and 6s cases.

The collection features Daffy, Bugs, Tweety, Porky and Looney Tunes iconic "That's All Folk's" catchphrase.  All of which have been done either in their classic colour schemes, or in colette's increasingly iconic blue.

All of the cases are available from colette Paris and their online store.  And also, surprisingly for a colette collaboration, from Casetify's site as well.  Prices are £35 per case, and as these are limited editions if you want to add a playful yet stylish and luxurious touch to your device you had better move fast.

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