Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Christian Louboutin Valentines Shoe Collection - Belatedly.

Valentines Day was two days ago, and here we are posting about a product we should have mentioned weeks ago.  However, all it not what it seems.  While Louboutin marketed and announced these as Valentines day products, they didn't release them till the 14th, meaning getting them as a gift in time for the day is impossible.  Therefore this is a belated Valentines post about a belated product.

The collection comprises three pairs of shoes, the platform Doracora sling for £850 in patent beige with a pink heart and 18cm heels, the Doracora pump with a 12cm heel, in black or leopard patent with a red heart or beige patent and a pink heart for £700, and the Cosmpump with 12cm heels, crystals on the heels, and a satin lip print for £950.  

All three are available now, and will continue to be throughout Spring/Summer 2016.

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