Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Daft Punk Official Merchandise Launch.

While the act of launching branded goods would for most artists be regarded as simply "selling out", Daft Punk have managed to re-invent selling out and elevate it to such a level it is actually cool.

The dynamic duo have launched an official branded range of merchandise, a range which includes such seemingly pure acts of commercialism as branded frisbees, and yo-yos, posters, tees, and caps.  Yet the accompaning website has been created in such painstaking detail, with each product having its own carefully designed vintage 80's style advert, which clicks through to purchase the product, that even the mundane frisbee manages to feel cool.

And scattered in amongst the dross are some genuinely good pieces. Such as the Sterling silver ring set, and New-Era caps.  You had better move fast, several items have already completely sold out, get over to www.daftpunk.com if you want some of the action.

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