Thursday, 17 March 2016

Rolex Unveils Black Ceramic Bezel Daytona At Basel.

Rolex is a truly remarkable brand.  They rarely launch new products, merely tweak existing ones.  And yet they are the most recognised and desirable sign of luxury watchmaking in the world.  At Basel 2016 they have continued this trend with a "new" Daytona chronograph, which features a ceramic bezel.

In fact, Rolex had a black bezel on  the Daytona in the 60's, then they stopped it in the 80's, so if anything this is a relaunch, not a launch.  But still, people are excited, and the world of horology is again excited about this amazing development.  But that is the nature of veblen goods.  There is no logic, they exist, and are desired.

Philosophy aside, the new steel and cerachrom bezel Daytona will be available from mid 2016 priced at £9,800.


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