Monday, 4 April 2016

Hermes Baselword 2016 Timepiece Line-Up.

Baselworld saw a big load of releases from Hermes.  Already written about here is their exquisite enamel dial piece.  And for the rest of their line-up they have released the Faubord Manchette Joallerie.  An 18 carat yellow gold piece with an emerald bezel, and green crocodile strap, into which the time-piece is set making it appear as a leather bracelet.

Next up is two pocket watches.  Echoing the new trend for retro, the Slim d'Hermes Pocket Panthere.  And the Pocket Plien Cuir.  The Panthere is a masterpiece, with a stunning dial illustrated by Robert Dallet.  in white gold, a brown crocodile strap, and brown crocodile case.  The Plien Cuir is a little more traditional in terms of the white gold case and white gold chain.  But has a slightly unusual blue crocodile "collar" around the body of the watch. 

Prices are not available yet, but expect them to cost from £8,500 for the Machette, and from £12,000 for the pocket watches.

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