Thursday, 21 April 2016

Loro Piana Market Ready To Wear Suit Range.

Loro Piana have always made suits for their clients.  The classic navy blue suits all the male staff, and the beige suits the female staff wear, are all made by Loro Piana's bespoke tailoring department.  However, they have never offered a ready to wear option, tailoring or please view our casual wear sir.

Loro Piana now offer ready to wear suiting, in three flavours.  The daily suit, dandy suit and easy suit. In fact, Loro Piana have cheated a little bit, these are actually just three combinations of currently available Loro Piana separates being marketed as suits.

The Dandy is their double breasted jacket with their taylor buckle trousers.  The Daily is the double breasted jacket with five pocket trousers. And the Easy is the soft jacket with the five pocket trousers.

All are available now in a choice of fabrics.  Currently cotton linen blends, from £2,100 to £2,690.  Or you could just buy the components yourself separately.

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