Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Leica M-D Camera.

New from Leica comes a stripped down luxury Leica digital camera with a 24MP sensor and no screen.  In Leica's own words.

"The Leica M-D has no LCD monitor screen and no menu system. Apart from the essential parameters for photography – shutter speed, aperture, distance and ISO values – it offers no further setting options. The consequence is photography in its purest form. Every photographer knows instinctively how to use the Leica M-D. No distractions – not even after each exposure. In a way, the Leica M-D is an homage to the experience of capturing pictures on film. It brings back the joy of anticipation of waiting to see how our pictures turned out."

Available from the end of May priced at £12,900 per camera.

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