Saturday, 28 May 2016

Molekule Luxury High End Air Purifier.

Move over Dyson, you're no longer the only game in high-end high-style air purifier type units.  Molekule, a U.S. based brad has created the eponymous Molekule air purifier.  And honestly, it puts the aforementioned Dyson to shame.  Made from aluminum, with a stylish leather handle, digital display, and app linked, if it were a dustbin, it would still be a winner on the design side of things.

But in fact it is a remarkably intelligent air purifier which will remove 100% of external elements.  Thats dust, allergens, viruses, dirt, everything.  Even the inside looks pretty, as the technology that does the job is driven by a honeycomb like structured filter.  Did we mention app linked?

The only bad thing is we can't get it in the U.K. yet.  Soon hopefully!  When available expect it to cost around £450.

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