Monday, 16 May 2016

Porsche Design And Alpha Piano mPiano.

From Porsche Design and Alpha Piano comes the ultra high end mPiano.  the ‘m’ stands for ‘mechatronic,’ and beneath each key are adjustable actuators that allow the user to customize the resistance and perceived weight of the keys, making for a unique and personalized playing experience. The keys are also touch sensitive and polyphonic; sliding a finger up and down a key will alter the vibrato and change the volume.

The piano will be accompanied by an app designed by Alpha Piano that will allow the user to wirelessly change parameters like pitch and resistance. Hypothetically, the mPiano can be made to ‘feel’ like anything from a massive church organ to a harpsichord. Currently there is no word on the price of the mPiano, but interested buyers should note that the last piano from Porsche Design cost £250,00.

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