Monday, 20 June 2016

Sperry And Barney's Collaborative Sailcloth Shoes.

Sperry's may be the original when it comes to boat shoes, but they are not exactly a contender in the luxury boat shoe stakes.  With every brand from Louis Vuitton to Hermes to Loro Piana producing exceptionally high priced versions of sailing footwear, Sperry is rarely in the running when a consumer wants a luxury boat shoe.

Sperry have now collaborated with Barney's to produce a special edition version of the canvas 'plimsole' style boat shoe.  The concept is, each pair is unique, having been crafted from sails from ships used in the worlds best sailing competitions, then touched up with complimentary stitching, and coloured pattern pieces, with rawhide leather laces.

The Barneys Sperry Sailcloth CVO is still reasonably priced, at just £100 per pair (plus import taxes), but the extra cachet perhaps gives luxury consumers pause for thought.

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