Sunday, 24 July 2016

Alexander Mcqueen Human Skin Leather Jackets.

The most unusual story in the fashion world in the last 7 days is Alexander Mcqueen's DNA being used to grow human skin and make leather jackets.  Tina Gorjanc, a student at Central Saint Martins, has somehow acquired a piece of Alexander Mcqueen's hair, from which she grew in a lab human skin.  From this, Gorjanc has produced leather, which she has exhibited for her show.

Gorjanc has added tattoos, moles and freckles, to give the collection, known as "pure human" a more human element.  The purpose apparently is to illustrate the fact that DNA has little to no protection, and that corporations of the future will likely utilise this if no protections are added.  In this case, the Mcquuen brand fully supported Gorjanc's creation.

However, these items cannot be purchased, being only for display in the Central Saint Martins gallery.

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