Thursday, 7 July 2016

BMW Puma X-Cat Disc.

Inspired by thhe BMW GINE Light, a lightweight and futuristic concept car designed by BMW in 2008 comes the BWM Puma X-Cat disc trainers.  Quite why they waited 8 years to create these suggests the 'inspiration' was not quite as strong as the marketign department would like you to believe.

The homage comes in the form of the shape and design. the GINA had a lightweigh fabric outer shell stretched over the structure which moved as the car did, echoing this, the shoes have a streamlined design.

Frankly, streamlined sneakers are far from a revolutionary thing, a quick look at Porsche design would give any consumer a selection of 10 or more options, so the X-Cat have added an unusual lace mechanism to make their sneaker stand out from the crowd.  The front has a disk which is attached to a latticework through the shoes, twisting it tightens these and keeps the sneaker on the foot.

They call this revolutionary, we call it unusual, as Puma have this disk technology on several other pairs of its shoes.  Whatever the case, the BMW Puma X.Cat are available now costing £120 per pair.

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