Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Giorgio Armani Bugatti Collaboration.

What most consumers, even luxury ones, are not aware of is that Bugatti has a fully fledged lifestyle brand going, with accessories, clothing, and luggage for the wealthy Bugatti owner.  In fact they have had this for almost two years now, and so unnoticed has this gone the car brand has decided to collaborate with one of fashions biggest names, Giorgio Armani, in order to draw attention to the fact they also offer products that are not one million pound supercars, and therefore presumably, they hope that when this collaboration ends, consumers may be drawn to their main lifestyle range.

Don't expect 'budget' offerings however, the selection of pieces, all of which are themed in colours commonly used in Bugatti, such as tan for the leathers, matching the tan leather interiors of the cars, and lots of blue, mirroring Bugatti's famous and iconic shade of blue, will include fur trimmed cashmere, crocodile weekenders, washbags, wallets and backpacks, handmade leather bags, and fine fabrics everywhere.

The collection will be available from the end of August 2016, with prices starting from £850 and will be found in Bugatti lifestyle boutiques, and Giorgio Armani flagship stores.

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