Friday, 29 July 2016

Remy Martin Louis XIII Mathusalem.

"As old as Mathusalem," as the saying goes; the legend says that Mathusalem was the oldest man to ever live, making this a most fitting edition for LOUIS XIII.
The LOUIS XIII LE MATHUSALEM edition will make new history for LOUIS XIII, the timeless cognac created in 1874 as this is the very first time that a cognac produces a mathusalem edition in crystal.

Each of these decanters is blown by the craftsmen of La Maison Baccarat in respect of a savoir-faire handed down over generations to generations. It requires over 20 master craftsmen to produce. A feat of crystal craftsmanship for a monumental cognac, alchemy of up to 1200 eaux-de-vie, the youngest of which is at least 40 years old, and which historic blend evokes tasting notes and aromas of myrrh, honey, immortelle, plum, honeysuckle, wood bark, leather and passion fruits.

A very limited number will be made, each individually numbered for eternity.

LOUIS XIII LE MATHUSALEM is presented in a luxurious display chest featuring 8 crystal glasses housed in a dedicated case, a serving platter and a pipette, in honour of the ancestral tasting and serving rituals of the cellar masters.

Rare and exquisite collector's items, the first LOUIS XIII LE MATHUSALEM decanters will be available worldwide as of November 2016, after being launched exclusively in iconic department store Harrods as of September for two month, then worldwide, each edition costing £60,000.

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