Saturday, 20 August 2016

Aston Martin By Hackett Collection.

Pictured here is the newly announced collection from Hackett from the long standing collaboration with luxury car maker Aston martin.  These images show the 2016 Fall/Winter collection, and while in itself an Aston Martin by Hackett collection is far from new, the two brands having collaborated for more than 6 years now, the content of this latest release is rather groundbreaking considering that which went before.

Up until now, every release from this collaboration has borne heavily logoed racing jackets, field jackets and caps.  In fact, it would not be unreasonable to say that the previous offerings would not have looked out of place in a formula one souvenier shop.

The latest collection on the other hand has a relaxed luxurious feel to it, suede, cashmere silk and woolens in modern flattering cuts, it reminds us of a Zegna colelction, and is far even from the sort of thing Hackett themselves usually retail.

The whole collection will be available from September 5th, and will be priced at a premium, with pieces starting from around £300.

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