Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hermes Petit H Pochette Passport Holder.

Hermes petit h range is well established now, so lengthy introductions are no longer necessary.  Utilising left over scraps in new pieces is a great money spinner for the brand, and as the pieces are generally cheaper, an accessible way for consumers to own Hermes items.

Normally however, the items are novelty at best, fun little bits which demonstrate the quality of Hermes leftovers, but have little practical use.  The latest release is a step away from this, and looks more like something we would expect to see in Hermes mainline.

Measuring 17cm x 12.5cm, constructed from calfskin with canvas lining, this pochette is ostensibly designed to be a passport holder, but can be used for receipts, or any other papers the owner wishes.  Available in a wide shade of colours, the consumer picks the hues, blues or reds, and as each one is unique, a random one is dispatched.  At this rate, the petit h logo will become as well known as Hermes own.

Costing £170 per edition, the petit h pochette will be available while stocks last.

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