Thursday, 13 October 2016

Canali Limited Edition PRYMA Headphones.

In the current aggressively competitive luxury market, a market where every brand out there seeks to create a brand every available product in existence, we find Canali, a venerable if slightly staid Italian tailoring brand, which seeks to make it's mark in this maelstrom.

In this vein it has launched a luxury e-boutique, where it sells it new, slightly inflated, broader range of products.  Alongside the staples which built it of fine tailoring and quality workmanship.  To commemorate this new venture they have collaborated with PRYMA, the hot new luxury headphone name on everyones lips, to create a limited edition version of their 01 model.

The collaboration chooses brown premium leather, adds the Canali logo, and comes in a special Canali branded box.  In essence, if you have been dying for Canali branded headphones, your day has arrived.

Avaiable now they cost the same as the standard PRYMA 01, £400 per edition, and are exclusively available from Canali's shiny new online store.

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