Thursday, 27 October 2016

Fear Of God Military Sneaker in Money Green Nubuck.

There are some brands out there which the knowing of will put you squarely in the cool kids crowd, hyped brands which are here-today-gone-tomorrow, like HBA.  Then are brands which blow-up from nowhere and make a name for themselves, and never seem to go away, even though the value of them is questionable, such as Buscemi.  Then there are those under-the-radar, ultra-luxe brands that celebrities love, stylists use, and which focus on quality and workmanship.  A traditional example is Goyard, and a modern day one is Fear Of God.

Jerry Lorenzo's hard word and painstaking attention to detail has meant this brand that few have heard of is one to watch, and will be for years to come.  Slowly establishing quality permanent pieces of versatile luxury pieces, the brand is richly deserving of the status it has earned as one beloved of the Hollywood elite.

It's military sneakers are an example of the effort F.O.G. put into their pieces, taking over 100 samples before they were finally hapoy with something they wanted to release.  Originally out in black only, it can now be purchased in luxurious "money green"  Italian mela nubuck.  All other elements are the same, shark tooth outsole, ankle strap, paneling and heel tab.

The Military sneaker is available now in the new "money green for £1,050.

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