Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Gucci Hand Painted Leather Jacket For Fall/Winter 2016.

As luxury consumerism begins to become more mass market, brands strive constantly to catch the attention of jaded consumers.  This is achieved through a variety of means. Hype, as championed by brands such as Supreme, is one strategy, as is teasingly releasing collections bit by bit.  But one trend which has always existed, and will no doubt always continue to do so, is that of releasing exclusive, one-off, flagship pieces, which showcase the brands skills and design innovativeness.

On that note we present this hand-painted, richly embellished, stud accented western style leather jacket from Gucci.  Made from premium black leather, with butterfly applique on the rear, button front, and cat and fox print cotton lining, this stunning jacket is limited to an unspecified number of pieces worldwide.

Quality and uniqueness costs however, in this case, £5,250.  Available now.

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