Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Montegrappa & Wealth Solutions Spirit Pen.

Wealth solutions, a polish luxury goods company, has made a name for itself by producing unusual limited edition luxury products.  It's most recent creation, the Spirit Watch, saw a luxury Swiss watch incorporated with a small capsule, which contained a tiny amount of the worlds oldest cognac, from Gautier Cognac, dating back to 1762, which was purchased by Wealth Solutions in 2014 for $60,000.

This "Spirit Pen" has the exact same concept in pen form.  Crafted from oak wood, and available in sterling silver or solid gold, priced at £8,500 for the gold, and £2,500 for the silver, and limited to 10 gold and 100 silver versions, these can be purchased now from Montegrappa and Wealth Solution.

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