Wednesday, 22 February 2017

3D Sound One Headphones.

 From a small French company called 3D Sound Labs come headphones that cleverly turn regular stereo recordings, including film soundtracks, into remarkable immersive 3D sound. They do this by tracking your head movements on nine different axes – like a virtual-reality headset just for the ears. The effect is more than subtly different from ordinary stereo headphones: when you turn your head to face a new direction, the nature of what you hear changes accordingly.

The 3D Sound One headphones currently work with Windows PCs and iPads, but not Macs. The headphones themselves, by the way, are unusually well-made and good-looking. 3D Sound Labs have also brought out a £79 clip-on module to add to your favourite existing headphones so that you can enjoy the experience with familiar headgear.

The phones themselves cost £179 per pair, and are available from

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