Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Baccarat Bubble Box.

In 2014 Baccarat released a boxed set of 6 tumblers, all from classic Baccarat collections, titled "Everyday".  The concept was a little taste of Baccarat's lines in one boxed set, which can be used for any drink from juice to spirits.

Now Baccarat have released a boxed set of their classic champagne flutes in the same style.  Baccarat's Milles Nuits, Flutissimo, Vega, Harcourt Eve, Diamant, Chateau Baccarat and Massena are featured.  The concept being, like the everyday set, a taste of their line-up, but for use with champagne cocktails, to create an attractive aesthetic on the tabletop.

Available now, the "Bubble Box"  costs £760.

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