Friday, 24 February 2017

Montblanc Lady Emblem Elixir.

Late for Valentines, Montblanc have released a new luxury fragrance, the Lady Emlem Elixir.  Beneath the floral notes, sits a hint of wood that adds to the allure of the Montblanc Lady Emblem. The scent opens with zesty mandarin; followed by dewy lychee to create a bubbly finish. Helmed by the Damask rose, the heart carefully reveals a harmonious mix of orange blossom, jasmine and iris. The infused sparks of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood come together to round up the fragrance trail with a woody aroma. With its gracefulness injected with a hint of black pepper, the scent bursts into sensual elegance.

A reflection of the 43-faceted cut cap that is reminiscent of the Montblanc diamond that was inspired by the six-valley design, the flower-shaped bottle is dressed in a pink gold hue with metallic accents. The box pairs beautifully with the bottle because of its pink gold wash, making the perfectly sophisticated combination.

Available now, the Montblanc Lady Emblem Elixir comes in 3 sizes, 30ml for £65, 50ml for £110 and 75ml for £130.

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