Monday, 8 March 2010

Malo - a luxury knitwear and an alternative to the occasional stuffiness of Loro Piana

As anyone who takes the time to kindly read any of my musings will very quickly realise I have a real passion for Loro Piana, cant get enough of the stuff, they do casual elegance in a way which pretty much knocks other brands into a cocked hat.

However even a devoted fan such as myself has to admit that occasionally, Loro piana can be, well a little staid, the abundance of beiges and khakis that one sees would with a little tweaking not be out of place in an old peoples home.

Therefore in the interest of avoiding starting to sound like I work for Loro Piana's press department, I would like to present Malo, another high end luxury knitwear company, with the same attention to detail and quality that makes Loro Piana so world renowned, yet a quick visit to their homepage at will show you the vibarant and youthful edge this brand presents.

Those seeking nothing but the best will be quietly reassured by the prices, with an average sweater in silk and cashmere soting around $950, €690, £620. Not to be sniffed at under any circumstances.

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