Monday, 1 March 2010

The Rolex Oysterquartz

The Rolex Oyster quartz, I doubt I will be able to do this fine watch justice here with a few paragraphs of nonsensical prose, but if you find what I have to say interesting and want to know more about this amazing piece, please visit the following websites, that have been running for years exclusively dedicated to the Oyster quartz.

As anyone who has even a little knowledge about Rolex watches should know, this does not look like a conventional Rolex, with its integrated bracelet and sleek streamlined shape, it is a complete departure from the classic Rolex shape, or the utilitarian shape of the submariners, explorer 2's and GMT masters.

This intriguing Watch features another departure from the classic Lines, a ticking clock hand. The mark that most laypeople use to identify Rolex watches as genuine is completely voided here, as the watch ticks by with a satisfying action, so resolute and solid is the action, that in a very quiet room, you can actually hear the action like its a wall clock!!

The Oyster quartz has sadly been discontinued, apparently due to Rolex's dedication to excellence, the movement was shown to loose a few seconds a year and was therefore deemed not worth maintaining (more likely it was because of a lack of popularity), however, it has been recognized as the best quartz watch possibly ever made.

If you are in the market for one at some point I would advise 2010 to be the year to invest and hold onto one. Only 20,000 of these were ever made by Rolex, considering that Rolex produces some 1,000,000 Watches every year, this make it their rarest production model, and knowing how Rolex prices increase year on year, this is set to become the next Milgaus or Paul Newman Daytona.

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