Tuesday, 30 March 2010

UNIQLO a high street brand, but a more than acceptable one.

Further to my recent post about Super Dry, which turned into something of a rant with decidedly anti high street undertones, I felt like writing about a high street brand that I actually like and consider acceptable, more than acceptable in fact.

What makes UniQlo so desirable from a fashion standpoint is that it is a perfectly blank slate, as the picture shows above, racks and racks of neatly folded pantone colours that can be elegantly paired with any item from the finest producers in the world, without clashing in the slightest.

They truly are the Little Black Dress of the fashion world, their simple pieces work with anything anytime, and the quality is extremely high, combined with prices that are exceptionally reasonable, yet still just the right level to be able to feel confident that they are not cheap.

It is no surprise that they have collaborated with the ultimate in minimalism, Jil Sander, and produced a diffusion line J+, again with simple elegant pieces presented well, and at just the 'right' price.

As always there is a Caveat, and here it must be, choosing one or two pieces to finish off an outfit that already comprises the finest that money can by, can create some outstanding looks, and just the right balance of cool, chic and class, however closely observe the posters in the UniQlo stores to see the Banality of wearing ALL UniQlo, for a few key pieces of an outfit their Minimalism works perfectly, but as an complete look it swamps one with dullness.

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