Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Esquire Magazine, subscriber only covers a surprisingly undiscussed phenomenon

Recently after having held subscriptions to many different magazines over the years (including GQ, monocle, arena and various others), perhaps motivated by the general economic climate, I decided to pare down my Subscriptions to the ones that I properly considered worth reading and of some Journalistic interest to me.

After some thought and many minor subscriptions having been cancelled I moved on to the major ones that I actually find articles of interest in, and these were pretty much, Esquire, GQ, Monocle, Wallpaper, the economist and the economist intelligent life. I eliminated monocle, on account of the fact that I have yet to read a SINGLE issue that does not wax lyrical about some element of Japan. GQ, on account of the fact that when reading it I feel embarrassed about holding the cover outward as I feel like im reading an issue of loaded with the semi naked girls on EVERY issue cover. Wallpaper, due to the fact that its just a bit dull. and Intelligent Life just feels a bit too preachy to me.

That of course left Esquire and the economist, the economist needs no mention, thats a must have. full stop. And Esquire, after their revamp and new Highbrow image constantly interests me issue after issue, I always find several articles of considerable interest to me, most recently one which really got me was in their extremely well laid out lifestyle section, a buying guide, runs something like "does garment fit you, if not do not buy, is it a sale item and you are buying because its a bargain, if yes do not buy". Sage advice e can all really use in our shopping trps, both luxury and otherwise.

One thing however which really gets me each month when I recieve my copy is the exclusive subcriber only cover, with a different image, elegantly presented with absolutel yno adverts whatsoever, It is this little touch which really has me looking forward to recieving my next issue, an example is shown in the image above, on the left is the cluttered newsstand edition, on the right the ubercool subscriber cover, (a highly interesting one with morph on in this case.

ANd that is what I wanted to write about, the fact that no one else seems to have exclusively discussed this, after recieving this months issue I went online and did a quick search, I wanted to see some of the back issue covers that I didnt have, and apart from the occasional sideways mention, no-one was signing the praises of this exciting (to me) part of being a esquire subscriber, one which not even a (supposedly) lofty periodical such as monocle features, although admittedly they do feature some other rather cool little touches.

Anyway thats about it really, just want to put down my feelings on this, perhaps no-one discusses it because its just something thats accepted and Im really out of touch, who knows, if not I encourage anyone who finds esquire a regularly interesting read, and has not already doen so, to SUBSCRIBE, then you like me will be looking forward to your next exciting subscriber only cover.

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