Thursday, 1 April 2010

Monocle Limited edition Blackberry 9700

I am a great lover of Blackberry's, I use a 9700 myself, and after trying an iPhone for a month I am not sure I will ever be able to change from a Blackberry in the future, unless something really revolutionary comes on to the market, their software architecture, ease of use, practicality, and all round sexiness is hard to beat.

I really do fail to see the point of this limited edition model produced by monocle, as a former reader of monocle I am no big fan of the publication, their nippon/scandomania make for a difficult read, along with the rather odd and slightly unreal life vision they preach, in addition to their magazine they have a shop and several stores in various locations that sell very ordinary items, with the supposed ideal that if monocle recommends them they must be great, like the porter bags they go on, and on about, essentially nothing more than nylon bags, no more no less.

I believe this Blackberry 'limited editon' is a case of marketing gone a little mad, £950 for this model due to the monocle logo, a travel guide and a leather strap.

One, why would someone want a wrist strap? I cant think of anything more annoying than a wrist strap, even women only leave them on their phones for fashion and dont use them. Two who want monocle's logo on their phone? And finally an extra £600 for a travel guide? Monocles travel advice is not that hot, I would rather subscribe to Nota Bene for £500 a year and get some truly unique travel advice, or even louis Vuittons travel guides do an ok job of pointing you in the right direction, I really don't think that an extra £600 for a travel guide which is incredibly annoying to read on the Blackberrys tiny screen, a wrist strap and a logo is sane in any regard, and I say this as a luxury consumer who owned a Vertu ascent in the past.

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  1. Anyone who bought this would be v. unhappy now, theres the 9780, the same but better AND the 9800 slider AND the pearl, bad news for them stupid enough to buy this :-)