Friday, 14 May 2010

Luxury USB keys, a selection of the elegant and sensible ones

There are a lot of Luxury USB Flash Drives on the market right now, ranging from expensive to ludicrous, unfortunately someone forgot that a USB flash drive is designed to be used with a computer, something which by its nature is utilitarian, some computers are more heavily designed, such as pretty much EVERY Mac in existence, but essentially they are tools, and the accessories that one uses with them should reflect this, they should be both elegant and useful, perhaps with a souchon of sheen here and there.

It is for that reason that collected here are only the (perceived) elegant and sensible luxury USB Flash Drives.
Plisse Dior Homme 2gb Flash Drive £250 - Elegant and stylish this is perhaps the oldest Luxury Flash Drive here, having been around for some 4 years now, and still going strong, although 2gb is a bit conservative nowadays, the simple Stainless steel construction and design make it a real winner, the best one here in my opinion.

Vertu V Memory Card reader £650 - From Vertu the manufacturer of the super high end mobile phones, it comes as no surprise that this is very expensive, constructed from both Stainless steel and Resin, and actually quite well designed, it featured 4gb of internal storage and an extra feature, the ability to read memory card from mobile phones, thereby making it a good addition to a mobile phone, allowing you to safely store all your sim card data.

St Dupont Diamond Head 2gb USB Flash drive £250 - St Dupont have been producing USB Flash Drives as an addition to their other ranges for quite some time now, they first started to be seen around about the same time as Dior Homme released their model for the first time, and they have gone on to have several different ranges to choose from, including multi coloured ones, this is still their top end model, and in my opinion the best, again keeping to the same design principles, simple clean and elegant.

Black Carbon USB by Dunhill £350 - Although Dunhill also produce the seriously high end Pave Black Diamond USB, frankly that particular excess is a little ott, presented here is the new stainless steel and black carbon USB from Dunhill, solid and dependable and simple, not the prettiest flower here, but it is quite nice

Louis Vuitton Damier 4gb USB £350 - Coming from Louis Vuitton, this offering is surprisingly sombre and sensible, elegant and sharp in stainless steel, and featuring a 4gb storage, higher than most Luxury Flash Drives.

Cartier Pasha de Cartier USB Flash Drive £400 - This offering from Cartier certainly looks the part, with a sleek brushed stainless steel body, and an elegant detailing around the end part, also the rubber cap is both reminiscent of the Pasha Watch range and very sensible for a USB Flash Drive, however it falls down very badly on storage, featuring a pathetically small 1gb, pity.

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