Monday, 17 May 2010

A Selection of Young Fun Luxury Wrist Watches.

Several months ago I Wrote a post about assembling a Wrist Watch collection, one of the Categories mentioned was "Young, Fun Casual Watch' presented here are a few options for anyone interested in finding a Watch to fulfill that Category.

Alain Silberstien Marine Smileday £3500 - As a Brand rather than any particular model, Alain Silberstien is perfect to fulfill this Category, Silberstien pretty much has produced a brand which exclusively produces fun, carefree and expressive timepieces that at the same time have top end 'Manafacture' level movements.  The smileday Marine is in my opinion the nicest example, pictured here in the Marine version with pretty starfish shapes on the dial, the smiley face moonphase makes it playful and fun, combined with the multi colour fun shaped hands that all AS Watches feature.

Franck Mueller Crazy Hours Colour Dreams £13,000 - Well known in the industry for making smarter timepieces that are more favored by the nouveau riche, most of their Wrist Watches are quite dull, with the occasional 'limited edition' such as the Theo Fennell and Elton John Versions.  The Crazy Hours is a real departure for the Brand, both in terms of this Colour dreams versions playful cheerfulness and a s a Watch in itself.  One other thing Franck Mueller are known for is actually not using particularly good movements, they are a brand which has achieved the respect of a manafacture without making anything themselves.  the Crazy Hours movement represents in some part a small departure from this, as although it is an ETA based movement, Mueller has made some modifications to make it their own, produced in white gold only, this is a little smarter but still quite young and fun.

Corum limited edition bubble gangster skull £2500 - The least expensive of the Watches in the selection here, I have picked one of the vast selection of limited edition Corum Bubble Watches.  A relatively New barand, having started in 1955, they became popular by producing a gold coin watch, so from inception they have been somewhat of a novelty Brand, having gone through various evolutions over the years, the current company produces some very fine seafaring Watches, and continues to produce amusing fun Novelty type watches such as these.  Based on an ETA movement and with a comically oversized glass window, the Bubble watch was never going to be a serious contender fr a formal watch, this has been further cemented by Corum Producing it it in several 'Limited' models with faces varying from monsters to gambling scenes.  More something for the youngsters, it still has the souchon of sheen to leave it still being a little bit of luxury.

Gerald Genta Fantasy Collection Retrograde Mickey Mouse £10,000 - In my opinion this represents the absolute best in luxury fun watches, a true manafacture level movement, with the specialization of a retrograde element, designed by one of the finest Wrist Watch designers in modern history Gerald Genta, a man responsible for the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.  Playfully adorned with a childs television Cartoon Character, sheer genius.  The mickey mouse Gerald Genta models have been being produced for some 30 odd years now, but only recently in the last 10 or so years are we starting to see some really exquisite pieces being made, the model here is made from white gold, but for some one seeking true luxury it can be found in platinum also.

Chopard Happy Sport Happy Beach £5150 - One more for Women, or very playful and brave men, this Wrist Watch is part of Chopard's Happy sport range, a range of Wrist Watches produced in materials ranging from rubber through steel to precious metals such as steel, and adorned in many cases with diamonds.  But the defining feature on these Watches is free floating diamonds in the watch face.  again there are many versions of this available, including standard circular diamonds for the more classic Happy models, of pave diamonds formed into heart shapes.  However this model presents the extreme luxury of precious gemstones in their most playful format, fancy yellow red and blue diamonds shaped into little fishes, and with a blue dial that has more little fish patterns printed on it.   A sporty Rubber strap finishes this Watch off very nicely, and creates a strikingly simple timepiece for all its playfullness that can be worn by Girls and Women (or men if so desired as I said) from 9 to 90.

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