Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mulberry, not a pseudo brand, rather a modern luxury brand.

Although a new brand with a traditional image Mulberry is far, far away from being eligible to be named as one of the Pseudo Brands I often blog about.

I believe the key to getting it right when presenting a new brand, even when attempting to present it as something slightly more high end or establishment, is to be totally honest about inception dates, Mulberry have made a win there just to begin with, stating boldly in their about me page that they started in 1971.

Another important factor is (as I stated in my post about tods) customer services - more specifically aftersales, as in repairs etc, once again Mulberry succeed amply in this area, having its own leather working factory that any damaged leather goods can be sent away to for repairs or revisions.

And finally the quality of the product is of course important, perhaps even of the most importance, and it is in this area that Mulberry truly excels, perhaps some may say that certain items are overpriced, and some of the clothes they produce are a little questionable from time to time.  But the quality of their leather is excellent, and most interestingly, they produce original designs, rather than just rehashing old established designs that swaine adeney would have produced 200+ years ago, they actually sit down and think about creating new items.

All in all an outstanding new design house that has the pedigree and expertise to become a swaine adeney of the future.

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