Friday, 30 April 2010

Louis Vuitton Cup Buoy keyring, fail.

About two seasons ago Louis Vuitton introduced the above keyring, as part of the accessories range for the  Louis Vuitton cup.  Every year or so LV produce this stuff, and is is of widely varying quality, some is ok, some is extremely poor, this im afraid is extremely poor.

The concept is excellent, a keyring that has a mini buoy attached to it, a keyring for the keys to the boat, or the hotel keys when on holiday, if they fall of the boat, just slip off your deck shoes and dive in, because of course they are floating just on the surface, and presented in vibrant yellow or orange they can be easily seen, right?

Wrong, it Doesnt float, thats right, it doesn't float, tested by a (ever helpful) LV staff member, who took the keyring and attached his door keys on it, he then also filled a sink with water, and dropped them in, and it sunk.  Therefore you are purchasing a chunky plastic buoy EFFECT keyring.  tell me how do you spell fail again?

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