Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Vertu V Collection continues to expand

The recent range of Vertu accessories entitled the 'V' Collection is continuing to expand, alongside the current range of mainly tech focused accessories that include a bluetooth headset, memory card reader and USB, they have released leather goods, keyrings and items of mainly masculine jewellery.

The Leather Goods range contains a travel wallet, hip wallet, key holder card holders and a key fob, the mens jewellery line features 5 different pairs of cufflinks in silver, steel and onyx, keyrings include models varying from steel to titanium and onyx, and the final addition is a ballpoint pen with a ceramic tip, which according to the press release will 'write for 10 kilometers', not entirely certain the meaning of this, does it mean that the ink will last that long or the nib?  Perhaps it means you have to leave it at home as if it travels more than a distance of 10km it will explode?

As you see they have clearly chosen a very Male focused approach to their accessories range, producing everything in minimalist black and silver, one thing one can observe here is the lack rather than abundance of true luxury, for a brand focused on producing luxury Mobile Telephones whose starting price point is around £3000, producing a range of accessories in only steel, titanium and onyx seems a little short of their own philosophy and vision.  Lets wait to see the next round of stuff they produce.

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