Thursday, 27 May 2010

Graf Von Faber Castel Perfect Pencil

A pencil is an item which is often underused in modern times, the easy availability of disposable Biro's, and the perceived excellence of Fountain pens, produces a situation where the pencil is relegated to being used by arty and graphic design types and students.  People think in terms of either a use and throw away biro, a 'best ballpoint' the they might keep with them, and a fountain pen for best.

This is a pity, as a Lead Pencil has many useful advantages that pens lack, in attempting to erase a pen you will be left with white blots on a sheet of paper, erasing a pencil mark can leave little or no trace, therefore mistakes can be not only corrected, but rather completely expunged.  Additionally a Pencil mark is well documented as lasting in perpetuity, scrolls found in egyptian tombs were created using marks from pieces of lead, and are as clear today as ever after 1000's of years, yet pen marks on documents not kept in the absolute optimum conditions will degrade after 10's of years.

It is thankful then that Graf Von Faber Castell, the high end division of Faber castel, produces the 'Perfect' Pencil, produced in either Californian Cedar or Ebony, and presented in an attractive gift box containing spares, a sharpener and and eraser, the gift set it comes in can be used as a desk set.  The real feature of the Pencil is its lid, appearing more like a fountain pen lid, it is steel plated in platinum, and incorporates a pencil sharpener, a most convenient addition when actually using it and needing to sharpen it.  A small eraser is contained in the other end, to accompany the larger one in the desk set.  Finally the lid has a dual purpose, being quite long, when the pencil has been sharpened down to a point where it can no longer fit in your hand, you can put the shortened part in the lid and it will still fit in your hand.

Priced at £180 with the platinum plating and a plain box, £200 with the desk set, and £300 for a version which is available with the desk set and with a sterling silver lid and eraser cap.

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