Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fin's loafers a surprisingly new business producing fantastic quality casual shoes

Fin's Shoes appear considerably more established than in fact they are, that is to say they do not attempt to assume the appearance of being established, as many of the Pseudo brands frequently discussed here do, indeed the website clearly states their origins.  Rather the quality of the product is so high that one naturally assumes that the company is long established.

Started no more than 5 years ago the name Fin's is a diminutive of Finlay, the last name of Alexandra Finlay, owner and creator of the brand.  Reading the about us page of the website is ever so slightly vomit inducing, as it lists the 'famous feet it has shod' it is frankly debatable as to whether or not David Hasslehoff   being your biggest fan is a boast-worthy thing.

Hyperbole aside, the shoes are outstanding quality, produced in portugal in a lovely selection of colours, all the uppers are hand stitched, and the detailing on the 'house' style george loafer is quite elegant.  Looking at these shoes one thing that comes quickly to mind is the Loro Piana Summer walk, the similarities are unmistakable, and not at all in a negative way.

Perhaps the most astounding thing about Fin's shoes is the exceptionally good value, the george loafer can be purchased from their online store for a shockingly inexpensive £90, sort of knocks Loro Piana's £380 Summer walk into a cocked hat.  Indeed the most expensive shoe that Fin's produce is the Marshall collection loafer, which is essentially a heeled penny loafer with the same hand stitched raised vamp of the george and costs only £125.

So get on over to and purchase yourself a pair of george loafers, perhaps even in various different colours, as I am pretty much 100% certain these outstanding shoes that currently call Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nics home will be doubling in price in no time at all.

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