Friday, 28 May 2010

Yard-O-Led's New Astoria Range

Pictured above is the new range of pens and propelling pencils by Yard-O-Led. Based in England and started in 1934, Yard-O-Led have been producing high quality Writing Instruments for their entire History. Specifically famous for having 90% or more of their products made from sterling Silver, they currently have a contract to supply Smythson with all their Branded Pens and Propelling Pencils.

This New range, attempts a look reminiscent of the Art Deco period, with Marled Resin effect accross the body of it, sort of looks a bit like tortoiseshell in a way.   Continuing Yard-O-Led's house style they  use Sterling Silver for all the fittings, clip, nib point etc.

Priced starting from £165 up to £250, they continue to represent Yard-O-Led's other policy, excellent value  for an exceptionally high quality product.

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