Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Gucci Group Leads the eco friendly charge.

The Gucci Groups founding Company Gucci, is leading the pack of high end fashion retailers in becoming eco friendly.  The group which includes balenciaga, YSL, sergio Rossi, boucheron, bottega veneta and 50% of alexander mcqueen, have stated in a recent press release that they will be rolling out a series of measures to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their efficeincy.

Firstly they will be making all shopping bags from solely recycled paper in future, additionally they will lessen the number of gift boxes they mail out to customers, and they will use genuine ribbon for the ribbons they tie round boxes rather than the polyester they currently use.  They will also be focusing on reducing plastic wastage in their stores by 35 tons, and aiming to reduce the consumption of paper by a impressive 1,400 tons, the reduction in plastic and paper wastage equates to around 10,000 tons of Co2 emmissions and around 4 million litres of gas/oil consumption.

In the same press release Gucci's Creative Director Frida Giannine stated "This project proves that you sacrifice nothing creatively when working with enviromentally friendly materials."

Lets see how long they keep this up for, how many new intitatives are introduced year on year, and finally, who else follows suit with the same fervour, this smacks a little of attempting to 'sound' eco friendly rather than actually 'being' eco friendly, one wonders who will step forward with a real initaitive?

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