Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Loro Piana Release Cashmere Lightest to Compliment their current Cashmere ranges

Released in Spring Summer 2009, and now part of their permanent collection, Cashmere Lightest represents a new specialization in Cashmere from Loro Piana's workshops.  Already well know and regarded for various different luxury fabrics levels, including from single to 7 ply cashmere, Loro Piana's Patented 'Baby' Cashmere, and for being the worlds only large scale supplier of the noble fabric Vicuna, this new fabric displays once again Loro Piana's supremacy in the production of Cashmere fabric's.

The Manufacturing process involves twisting the cashmere fabric with a strand of extra fine silk, creating a super light fabric with all of cashmere's inherently practical and useful properties, such as breathability in warm and cold climates, and natural water repellance. 

pictured above is a shot from the SS 2009 catalogue, showing a cardigan and jacket in the Cashmere Lightest fabric, this material is ideal for these type of Garments.  One could very easily imagine wearing this cardigan in warm weather as a breathable layer that provides extra insulation when the sun goes down, or the jacket providing a similar level of versatile protection against chilly summer evenings.

The Cashmere Lightest items are priced understandably high, considering the sophisticated and advanced processes that go into producing it, most sweaters start around £460, and short summer jackets at around £1600.

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