Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Neuhaus Store opens in South Molton Street, surprisingly the first in the UK.

Opened some 2 - 3 months ago in South Molton Street, this new store from Neuhaus rather surprisingly represents the first offering from this established and prestigious brand.  Started in Brussels in 1857 almost 50 years before its well known brother Godiva, which was not established until 1926.  The most surprising thing about Neuhaus is, that apart from the lack of awareness of it in the United Kingdom, is the general lack of awareness that the founder Jean Neuhaus in fact invented the Praline!  

In addition to inventing the praline, and numerous other delicacies, the gift box of chocolates that we are all familiar with purchasing from chocolate shops was also both invented and patented by Neuhaus.  Prior to this chocolates purchased in a shop were simply chucked into a bag and given to customers.  The wife of Jean Neuhaus Son, Jean II, felt unhappy to see the delicate Pralines crushed in the standard paper bags, and so the boy created the chocolate boxes we all know and love, which allow for sweets to be much better presented and preserved.

Neuhaus Brand New shop is ready and waiting for all to discover the delights held within.

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