Friday, 11 June 2010

Loro Piana release Regatta collection of clothes and accessories to celebrate their superyacht regatta

To celebrate the Loro Piana superyacht regatta Loro Piana has produced a new collection of clothing and accessories, called rather sensibly, the Regatta collection.

Comprising at present a winbreaker jacket for £1000, a pair of swimming trunks called 'bay' trunks priced at £250, a luxury beach towel at £300 and a cashmere blanket which is the pinnacle of the collection priced around £1700. The distinqushing feature which marks these products out as being nautical in nature are the predominantly navy White and yellow colourings, and the boating signal flags embroidered onto each item.

Personally this I feel is a nice simple nautical capsule collection, as it stands at the moment this provides a few simple sporty alternatives to clothing you would already wear either casually in summer or to the beach, or indeed if boating, the danger here (if it can be called a 'danger') is in Loro Piana following in the footsteps of other brands who attempt to produce boating lines to complement sposored races and fail, I am speaking here about Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Prada,s linea rossa has always been relatively loud, so it was no surprise when their stuff was too, however Louis Vuitton is usually ok in what they do, the Louis Vuitton cup collection was in my opinion an exception to this rule. Starting with vulgar carry ons emblazoned with the LV cup flag, the collection quickly moved onto smaller accessories, all equally gauche, then due to a lack of popularity it was discontinued, in 2008, they re released the collection with slightly more sensible items, featuring simple blue and light blue stripes, subtly applied to provide the LV cup branding, again sadly this was a fail, they produced too diverse a collection, and made the gravest error, they produced all items in inexpensive nylon and canvas materials, then charged more than leather wallets for them! The newer Louis Vuitton cup collection has also been discontinued, and the only remnant of it remaining In Louis Vuittons ranges is a Watch with the cup branding. I have no doubt they will release another collection in the near or distant future, as it is simply too lucrative a cash cow not to milk, but please LV a little restraint AND common sense this time eh?

As for the Loro Piana Regatta collection, it seems to me to be right on the money at present, as long as they continue on the same trend, perhaps a nice pair of luxury deck shoes or a boating sweater, then they could actually become a top end luxury alternative to Paul and shark, rather than just a seasonal joke.

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