Monday, 14 June 2010

Olympus PEN Ep-2 produced in the same retro Silver and Black of the Ep-1

The Olympus Pen Ep-2 has been produced in the stylish Black for some time now, marking it out as different from its cousin the Ep-1.  Adding the Electronic viewfinder and some other electronic jiggery pokery, the Ep-2 is the Luxury alternative to the Ep-1, a camera which has popularized the Micro Four Thirds Standard and created a new wave in Bridge Cameras between SLR and Compact.

The Ep-1 was produced in White with beige leather and Silver with black leather, and the Ep-2 was until now produced only in Black with Black Leather, until now when it is being produced in Silver with brown leather, in order to bring the same retro feel of the Ep-1 to the  Ep-2.

Priced at the same £899 as the Black version of the Ep-2, retro lovers will not have to be drawn to the slightly lower range Ep-1 due to fear of the minimalism of the black version.

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