Wednesday, 18 January 2012

YSL cabas for women range for 2012 in Large and Medium.

The YSL Cabas bag has become the statement bag of the YSL brand, you know, every seriously well known brand has one, Hermes has the Birkin, Goyard the Saint Louis, Chanel the Caviar Leather Shoulder bag, these are the bags that instantly come to mind when people think of that brand, and which can be spotted at a hundred paces by any dedicated follower of Fashion.

Now for 2012, YSL has released a dazzling array of shades and materials for it's Cabas, ranging from combination bags in textured and calf, vibrant shades of Calf leather, pony skin and Calf Leather combinations, and for the very daring, leopard print Pony Skin.

Prices range from £1300 for the lowest range model, the plain Calf leather model, up to £2500 for the aforementioned leopard print pony skin, the gallery below shows the selection of shades, and the full range can be viewed and purchased at

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