Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rolex Release New Blinged Up Version of The Daytona Cosmograph, the Daytona Rainbow.

After years of looking at hideous wristwatches that have had the dubious honour of adorning the wrists of the tasteless and stupid, we have all developed a reflex when seeing something so gauche and vulgar it could only belong to the watch collection of a small african nations dictator, or eastern european drug baron, leopard print daytona anyone?

Imagine then the surprise which followed viewing these images, rather than being a sad replica, or the result of yet another tasteless moron walking in to Rolex spouting the words, "I don't cae how much it costs I want something which people notice!".  In fact, this vulgar daytona is an official Rolex release, announced of all places at Baselworld 2012 as one of their star watches.  It is possible that success may have gone to the heads of Rolex's marketing and watchmaking divisions respectively, however, we have another theory, this is a clever way to suck money from aforementioned morons, rather than having to spend ages designing something huge ugly and tacky looking, there is one already available to buy off the peg as it were.

Opinions aside, the watch itself is another fine piece of Rolex engineering, utilising the 4130 In House Movement Rolex started using last year, to take over from the Zenith El Primero Movements, the 4130 is a fantastic movement, exceptionally accurate and stable, a real workhorse, and utilising the Rolex patented Parachrom hairspring it offers even greater stability versus magnetic fields and temerature variations.

Alongside the star of the watch, it's movement, we have the Rolex Oysterlock bracelet, a solid gold case, black laquer dial, gold crystal counters, 20 brilliant cut diamonds, and the bezel is set with 36 baguette cut sapphires in the colours of the rainbow, it is also waterproof to 100 metres.

On reflection, perhaps we were a little too harsh, we shall call this the Daytona Rainbow, oh they already did that.  If you like it, it will set you back £90,000.

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