Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chanel Release Plain Tennis Balls for the 2012 Olympic Year.

2012 is set to be un tres sportif year, with the 2012 Olympics, Euro 2012, and various other smaller competitions.  The Wimbledon Tennis match is also set to start in the next few months.  Chanel Have been producing Tennis rackets and balls for the last couple of years now, their racket range now has a selection of 6 different variations, and the ball were previously available in pink and white in a chanel branded tube.

For 2012 they have released a plain white Chanel branded tennis ball set with a quilted leather pouch to carry them in, chances are, if anyone is inclined to buy these, the balls will be used, and the pouch re-used in another form, as its far too nice a product to waste on tennis balls, Chanel branded or not.

The white Chanel branded tennis balls are available now, in a set of four with the pouch, and cost £980 per set.

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