Monday, 18 June 2012

Jimmy Choo 2012 Summer Mens Shoe Selection.

Pictured below is Jimmy Choo's selection of Men's Shoes for the 2012 Spring/Summer season.  It seems less than a year now since the announcement of Jimmy Choo's Decision to release a mens collection again, and now we are into fully functioning mens seasonal collections.

This collection is a cautious one, nothing here is particularly daring or unusual, which makes alot of sense since it is only their second full collection, they don't want to scare away people already!  We see here classic mens shoe styles done with slight twists to make them more current and appealing, and all with solid names of London areas to give a sense of permanance to products that will be unlikely to last more than 6 months before being discontinued, such as the "hoxton", and the "balfour".

The styles are as stated all quite safe, including suede tassel loafers, penny loafers with an "actual penny", monk strap half boots, and luxury trainers witha  nod to Jimmy Choos luxurious ladies collections, with touches of crocodile leather here and there.

shoes start from £295 for the slip on croc effect espadrille, and go up to £550 for the boot, and are available now from Jimmy Choo stores and boutiques.

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